21 Days Law of Attraction Workshop

₨ 350



Mode of Delivery : Online
Level : Intermediate
Start Date: : April 20, 2020
End Date: : May 10, 2020
Company Name : Triaza Dynamics
Trainer Experience : 5 years
Location : Malad East


In this program you will learn :

1) Alignment: You will start getting into alignment with who you truly are at the soul level.

2) Empowerment: You will start feeling empowered from within.

3) Grounded: You’ll learn how to stay grounded at all times.

4) Trust: You will start to trust yourself and your journey.

5) Committed: You will consistently stay committed to your desires in a joyful way.

6) Abundance Mindset: You will start to shift place of lack to a place of abundance: your natural state.

7) Joy: Your Vibration will start to shift to a place of joy.

WhatsApp to know more on 9768050998 Saloni Gandhi.

WhatsApp to Register 

It’s a WhatsApp based workshop which starts on the 20th of April till the 10th of May.

Stay blessed, stay safe.

Mention Learnbetween.com when calling,you may can get additional discount.



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Saloni Gandhi
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