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Mindfulness Meditation Certification

Price : ₨ 50,000 (Fixed)
Mode of Delivery : Online
Posted on : May 23, 2020
Level : Advanced
Company URL : View website
Company Name : Prabhleen Gupta
Trainer Experience : 15 years
Location : panchkula

Yoga Certification

Mindfulness Workshop – Basic to advance level

The Mindfulness workshop has been designed to provide tools & techniques to remove abundance blocks, overcome negative thought patterns, improve efficiency and restore peace & happiness in lifeWays of hacking happiness hormones & overcoming stress hormones you will be taught both the theoretical & practical aspects of MBSR techniques that will boost your physical & mental health.

This workshop will enable you to start your own practice as an MBSR professional day-wise Course ContentDay 1What is Mindfulness & evidence-based benefits of MBSR in day to day life introduction to mindfulness day 2Technique of practicing mindfulness with the help of our sense organs14 powerful mindfulness-based morning affirmationsDay 3Learning to cultivate the ‘’non-judgment’’ attitude of mindfulness moving from mindlessness to mindfulness day 4Ego mind Vs SoulUnderstanding 11 laws of mindfulness day 5What is or response how to tackle or respond day 6Ways to decrease stress hormones – Adrenaline, Cortisol, NorepinephrineHacking Into Your Happy Hormones (DOSE of Happiness) –

 Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, EndorphinsDay 7Guided mindfulness meditationWhy should you do it & how does it workDay 8Identifying & Overcoming 5 obstacles of meditationDay 9Step by Step Body Scan meditation in English & HindiGuided audio session (along with script) on how to practise Body ScanDay 10Ways to be mindful throughout the dayNight ritual of mindfulnessDay 11Video session on Japanese method to relax & overcome stress in just 5 minsDay 12Cultivating Loving Kindness – tool of mindfulnessGuided audio session (along with script) on how to practise Loving KindnessDay 13Mindful eating & Mindful Yoga25 poses of mindful yogaDay 14Self Compassion – tool of mindfulnessGuided audio session (along with script) on how to practise self compassionDay 15How to practice Gratitude in a mindful way benefits of gratitude practiceDay 16Progressive muscle relaxation technique – English & HindiVideo session for demonstration (along with Script)Day 17Walking meditationBenefits of Walking meditation day 18Conflict Resolution through MindfulnessOvercoming toxic behaviors of Criticism,Contempt,Defensiveness,StonewallingDay 19Japanese technique of 9 exercises to strengthen your mindVideo demonstration of these 9 exercises day 20Learning to control emotions through mindfulnessReplacing BLUE thoughts with TRUE thoughtsCertification of completion will be awarded

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