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SAP UI5 Online Training

Price : Price On Call
Mode of Delivery : Online
Posted on : March 18, 2020
Level : Intermediate
Start Date: : March 20, 2020
End Date: : April 30, 2020
Company Name : VelsM Techies InfoGroup
Trainer Experience : 9
Location : Brookfield

Module: UI5 Duration: 30 hours

Materials: Daily Class recording & Trainer hands-on Doc

Server Access: 3 Months 


SAP Ui5 Overview: (2 Hours)

Overview of SAP Ui5

Difference between Webdynpro and ui5

Disadvantages of Previous Technologies

Advantages of Sapui5 and how it overcomes the disadvantages of previous technologies

The architecture of SAP UI5

Understanding each layer of the MVC model

Understanding on End to End Data flow in SAPUi5

Introduction to SAP UI5 IDE(WEBIDE) (2 Hours)

•• Overview about WEBIDE

•• Advantages of SAP WEBIDE

•• Creating an Account in HANA cloud.

•• Accessing the WEBIDE using the url.

•• Exercise on Creating a Sample project using WEBIDE

Introduction to the complete flow of the UI5 Application (2 Hours)

Creating the Project

Understanding index.html,Shell, Component and manifest.jsonfiles.

Understanding the App.view and sap.m.App

Detailed explanation on Routing

Loading the views using routing

Exercise on Creating a sample view and understanding the complete h4>

Introduction to View &Controllers (2 Hours)

•• Creating a view

•• Understanding the view’s Controller

•• Understanding the Controller’s Hook methods

•• A clear understanding of init, on Before rendering, on after rendering and on Exit

•• Exercise on Creating a sample view and Implementing controller methods

Working with various properties of basic UI elements (1 Hours)

Working with different properties of basic UI elements

Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements

Exercise on Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements

Navigation between the Pages (2 Hours)

 Overview of navigation

Recap on Routing

Creating Two views for the navigation

Configuring Routes and Targets for the views in manifest.json

 Navigate from one page to another using routing

Navigate from one page to other using URL Pattern

 Exercise on Navigation between the pages

Introduction to Different Layouts (3 Hours)

What is a Layout

Various Layouts in SAP UI5

Working with Simple form layout , Matrix layout , Grid Layouts

Working with HBOX, VBOX, Flexbox

Working with Panel, Icon tab bar

Working with Object Header

Displaying the form using 2 columns and 4 columns design.

Exercise on Creating a Form Using various layouts

Validating the User Input (2 Hours)

Types of Validation

Exercise on Mandatory data validation

Exercise on valid data validation (like.. email, phone number , pin code)

Exercise on Showing red color input and error messages.

Message Handling (1 Hours)

Various types of Messages in SAP UI5

Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning, Information Messages

Exercise on Showing various messages in SPA UI5

Different Kinds of Models (2 Hours)

JSON Model

OData Model

Resource Model

Work with all Models and understand when to use which model.

Binding (2 Hours)

Understanding the Binding Concept

Various types of Binding

Property Binding

Aggregation Binding

Element Binding

Exercise on Binding UI elements with both JSON and ODataModels

Different ways of passing data from one view to other

Pass the data using JSON Model

Passing data using Model + binding concept

Passing data using Router with parameter

Passing data using element binding concept

Exercise on passing data from one view to another in various ways

Playing with Complex UI Elements (3 Hours)

Overview of different categories of UI elements like (simple, value holders, complex, layouts, dialog, etc ..)

Reading data and setting data from and to UI elements

Work with dropdowns, combo box, multi combo box

Working with radio buttons, checkbox and value help (F4 help)

Working with Tables and List UI elements

Practical Exercise on all these UI elements

Working with Popup Dialogs and Fragments (3 Hours)

Introduction to Fragments

Fragments for Popup dialogs using dialog UI element

Implementing F4 help functionality using Fragments

Exercise on PopupDialogs

OData Service development in SEGW (3 Hours)

Creating OData project using SEGWT code

Importing the from DDIC

Mapping the CRUD operations to the corresponding Function modules

Implementing CRUD operations using DPC extension classes

Generating the service

Testing the service using entity sets and URI conventions

Communicating with SAP back end system Using OData Service (4 Hours)

Creating OData Model to communicate with OData service

Pulling and submitting data with Backend system using OData service

Performing the CRUD Operations(create, read, update, delete)

Exercise on CRUD operations using OData service

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